Picture: Roll-over protection ECE-R 66-01

Roll-over protection ECE-R 66-01.

The high body strength of a Mercedes-Benz bus is guaranteed, among other things, by weight-optimised annular frame structure. The strength is defined according to the ECE-R 66 regulation, which precisely specifies the "survival space" that must be guaranteed by the structural design in the event of an accident.

The Citaro is already compliant today with future ECE regulations. Invisible yet crucial advances have been made under the attractive skin of the new Citaro. Although still based on tried-and-tested annular frame structure technology — one of the innovations introduced with the first-generation Citaro — the bodyshell has been made even stiffer to protect passengers even more effectively in case of a side impact.

The bodyshell of the new Citaro has likewise been engineered to comply with the future ECE R 66-01 regulation, which specifies the required survival space inside the vehicle if it overturns. Although the new regulation does not come into force until 2017, the new Citaro is already compliant with it today.