OMNIplus SafetyTraining.

To make your drivers even safer when they're at the wheel of your Mercedes-Benz vehicles, there are many different OMNIplus DriverTraining options. OMNIplus SafetyTraining offers the right package for any driver, any task and any requirement. When conducting Basic SafetyTraining at your premises, we bring all our equipment with us to your site — simulated slippery surface, speed measuring equipment, traffic lights and cones.A lternatively, we recommend Basic-plus SafetyTraining at a suitable driving safety training centre. Drive as safely as a world champion with us at the Hockenheimring, which is where we hold our OMNIplus Premium SafetyTraining courses. This two-and-a-half day programme also encompasses driving manoeuvres at motorway speeds, practical exercises covering what to do in emergency situations and a firefighting exercise. Take pole position to improve your competence and expertise and ensure that your buses don't come up against their limits, even when things get critical.