Animation: AEBS

Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS).

The Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS*). AEBS employs a radar system to recognise vehicles ahead as well as stationary vehicles within a maximum of 200 metres in front of the vehicle, continuously calculating the speed difference between the two. If a collision is unavoidable unless immediate action is taken, the driver is first given visual and audible warnings and the vehicle automatically performs a partial application of the brakes. During this phase, the driver still has the opportunity to respond by braking or performing an evasive manoeuvre.

If the driver fails to react and a collision is imminent, the warning becomes a continuous signal and the vehicle automatically carries out a full brake application. Even at this stage, the driver can still intervene manually, for example by means of an evasive manoeuvre. AEBS can help prevent rear-end collisions and dramatically reduces the consequences of a high-speed accident through emergency braking.

* standard on all Mercedes-Benz touring coaches from July 2015